CloudHotelier Revolutionary Hybrid Platform

Your Favorite CMS user friendly reservation
  • Easy booking process
  • PHP system under your control
  • Most important handled by your server (payments, emails, etc.)
  • Flexibility & extensibility
Cloud API
Shared Data
Data Synchronization
Systems are communicated
SAAS Control Panel advanced hotel managing
  • Handles complex operations
  • Professional hotel managing
  • Integrated mk environment
  • Empowers your website with advanced features

Get your CloudHotelier Subscription now!

Single Hotel Website


1 year subscription

Single Hotel
1 Hotel / 1 User


Hotel Chain Website


1 year subscription

Single Company
1 User / Up to 5 Hotels




1 year subscription

Business Subscription
Up to 5 Users / 10 Hotels


All plans with 2 business days maximum support response time. Installation & integration services available
Contact us if you need more than 10 Hotels / 5 Users
"The most professional and industry friendly system out there" - Hotel Managers, Sunny Majorca

Fresh Air for the Hospitality Industry

Stop Complexity!

You won’t need super-mega-top engineering anymore. Sorry, but your hotel is not the NASA, unless you have built it in Mars!

Focus on Marketing

No more GDS, IDS, OTA, PMS, XML & bla bla bla. Why not: Your hotel, Your website, Your communication and YOUR clients?

Trust your local partners

We provide the most advanced and easy-to-use tools to build hotel websites. We also check and certify our partners skills.

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